White Tui Worm Control


Homeopathic and herbal preparation.
Assists in expulsion of worms and promotes gut health.

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Supports coping response to intestinal parasites. Contains homeopathic & botanical preparations to assist in the expulsion of worms and promote gut health. Cautionary use during pregnancy.

Incl. Cina, Kou, Gran, Fil, Chen-a. Calc, Artemis a, Juglans n, Allium s, Tanacetum v.

Directions: Cat / small dog – 1 spray

Med/Large dog – 3 sprays into mouth

Use daily for 3 consecutive days (preferably before full moon). Repeat 3-6 monthly.


No chemical resistance; treats all worms; provides a safe gut cleanse, removing the mucus load that worms love.

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