Effective Flea Treatment for Dogs

All Natural Flea Deterrent and Nutritional Supplement

Animal Flea Treatments

Preventing fleas is much better than treating for fleas

As a pet owner you worry about your pet’s wellbeing. So, you are quite rightly concerned about fleas and the unnecessary use of chemicals on your cat or dog.

Flee Flea is a totally natural nutritional supplement. Add it to your pet’s food daily and not only will it deter fleas, your pet may look and feel better.

Like many parasites, fleas are opportunistic. The good news? The stronger your pet’s immune system, the less appealing they will be as a home for hungry fleas.

A Safe, Natural Alternative to Chemicals

Flee Flea is an all-natural flea deterrent and nutritional supplement high in vitamins and minerals. Proudly New Zealand made, Flee Flea is free from chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients and has been used by animal lovers throughout New Zealand for nearly 30 years.

Natural Nutritional Animal Supplement

Flee Flea is a mixture of healthy food ingredients full of vitamins and minerals.  Added to your pet’s food daily this dry supplement  is an all natural flea repellent, and may improve your pet’s general condition.

Our delighted pet owners and breeders say their dogs and cats are not only free of fleas and flea dirt but show improved general health and wellbeing. For those animals who are fussy eaters and a little suspicious of new flavours, Flee Flea can be rubbed into their coat. It will be licked off during grooming, deterring fleas and allowing your pet to get used to the taste.

Our other product is Flee Flea Carpet Powder. 100% organic Diatomaceous Earth, Flee Flea Carpet Powder is a safe, effective way to kill fleas, ants, bedbugs, carpet beetles, lice, cockroaches, mites, silverfish, slugs and other small insects in home, on carpets, flooring and pet bedding. Simply sprinkle on and vacuum off dead insects after 3 days. Click here for other applications.
Louise Bulkeley & Win Smith began making Flee Flea in 1990 when they owned health store, Orewa Health Scene, and the recipe was passed on to them from a customer who was a vet. The product was very successful, and they began marketing it to other health and pet stores around New Zealand. When they sold the shop in 1994, they continued to make and sell Flee Flea, and sales have continued to increase as more pet owners become aware of its benefits.

Flee Flea, a natural flea deterrent, is available NZ wide.
You can buy online, or in over 120 stores throughout the country.