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Flee Flea

Flee Flea is a natural, nutritional supplement for cats and dogs. It is a mixture of healthy food ingredients which when sprinkled on food daily, helps deter fleas and may improve the health and wellbeing of small animals.

It is especially good as a flea deterrent and may act as a general health tonic.
Flee Flea is available in a 25g sample bag, a 225g jar and a 1kg ziplock bag (click to purchase).

Ingredients in Flee Flea include:
- Brewers Yeast
- Garlic
- Wheatgerm
- Kelp
- Dolomite
- Ascorbic Acid
- Lecithin
- Wheat Bran
- Sulphur

These food substances are high in vitamins and minerals and contain no chemicals.


Directions for use

Daily dose:
Cats, kittens, puppies and small/medium dogs: ½ - 1 teaspoon
Large dogs: 1 dessertspoon

Flee Flea can also be used for guinea pigs, pet rats, rabbits and chickens and other household pets.

Flee Flea is sprinkled onto wet or dry food, or may be rubbed into animal's coat and left to be licked off during grooming. Flee Flea deters fleas in cats and dogs, and contributes to the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Flee Flea is made with all natural food ingredients and contains no chemicals. It is a great nutritional supplement at any time and safe for baby animals.

Flee Flea Carpet Powder

Flee Flea Carpet Powder is 100% organic Diatomaceous Earth and is a safe, effective way to kill fleas, ants, bedbugs, carpet beetles, lice, cockroaches, mites, silverfish, slugs and other small insects in home, on carpets, flooring and pet bedding. Diatomaceous Earth is composed of tiny diatoms which have the ability to lacerate the exoskeletons of various types of insects and kill them through dehydration.  There are many great uses for Diatomaceous Earth, and we have an interesting page devoted to the applications.

flee flea for carpet

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