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Flee Flea For Carpet - Other Applications

Flee Flea Carpet Powder is an amazingly versatile product, as it is made of Diatomaceous Earth, which has been called a Miracle Powder.  Besides being a fabulous product for ridding carpets, mats and pet beds of fleas, Flee Flea Carpet powder has many other useful applications.

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that has been crumbled into a fine powder, and for those who prefer a non-toxic alternative for common household needs, Flee Flea Carpet Power can help around the home as a:

· Natural deodoriser
· Natural cleaner around the home
· Natural preservative
· Natural insecticide in gardens

Flee Flea Carpet Powder absorbs twice its weight in moisture.  It can be used as a liquid spray [shake container frequently while using] if you are wanting to avoid the dust in air, and it will then reach maximum effect once dry.



Rubbish Bags and Bins
Sprinkle Flee Flea Carpet Powder in bottom of bag or bin. Helps remove any odours and can rid area of bugs and larvae on contact.

Cat Litter
Mix Flee Flea carpet powder into cat litter. Will deodorise and absorb moisture. Litter tray will remain drier, smell fresher and require changing less often.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag
Add approximately two tablespoons of Flee Flea Carpet Powder to bag when changed and again when half full. Deodorises and kills any bugs vacuumed up.  Or simply shake a small pile on the carpet and vacuum up.

Leave small open container of Flee Flea Carpet Powder in fridge to absorb any odours.

Flee Flea Carpet Powder can be added directly to footwear to deodorise and absorb moisture.  Or add to knee-length pantyhose or muslin bag, knot and place in footwear when stored.



Make soft scrub cleanser for kitchen and bathroom
Add a few drops white vinegar or lemon juice and vegetable oil to half a cup of Flee Flea Carpet Powder to make a paste. Add small squirt of detergent and stir until creamy. 

Remove engine oil from concrete floors or driveway
Ensure surrounding area is dry, then sprinkle Flee Flea Carpet Powder liberally to completely cover stain. Leave for 24 hours then scrape up and dispose of in rubbish.

Remove grease or oil from carpet
Ensure area dry and sprinkle Flee Flea Carpet Powder on stain.  Leave overnight, then vacuum up.

Remove wet or muddy footprints from carpet
Sprinkle Flee Flea Carpet Powder on spots. Brush into carpet and leave to dry for around 1-2 hours, then vacuum up.



Preserve paper products from mould, mildew and silverfish etc
Sprinkle Flee Flea Carpet Powder lightly between pages. Can be left in place for long term storage or for 1-2 days to absorb moisture and then removed.

Preserve flowers and leaves
Cover bottom of plastic, air-tight container with Flee Flea Carpet Powder. Place lid on container and leave undisturbed for 3 days. Open and carefully turn over flowers and leaves. Again leave undisturbed for 3 days. Can be repeated if not fully dried. A layer of light cotton (a use for old hankies) can be used to separate Flee Flea Carpet Powder from directly touching flowers and leaves.



Sprinkle Flee Flea Carpet Powder around wood piles, pools, concrete cracks, vents, bricks or anywhere else bugs are a problem. Can be left indefinitely while dry and reapplied after rain.


Click to download this as a PDF: Flee Flea for Carpet Other Applications

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